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Sweetheart Cake and Bake Shop is all about real homemade baking: the core of our loving relationship with fine craftsmanship baking is the purity and freshness of fine, original ingredients.
We are dedicated in creating excellent quality cakes; a task of top quality ingredients and up to date mastery. Using less sugar, real eggs and milk butter, fresh milk and everything natural; no chemistry, no margarine or saturated fats –just old-fashioned devotion to quality baking, we achieve the highest recognition and respect of our loyal customers that cherish the friendly and welcoming flair of a home-centered shop, the elegant decoration and the stuff’s gentle manners that come along with an impeccable cake. 
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Sweetheart Baking Happiness
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Sweetheart HB Ltd.

Head Office:
869 High Road
N21 3NA
London, United Kingdom

T:+44 (0)795 020 6232